Segak Tak? Gambar Teaser Dingdong Dantes Sebagai ‘Big Boss’ Dalam DOTS Filipina

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Segak Tak? Gambar Teaser Dingdong Dantes Sebagai ‘Big Boss’ Dalam DOTS Filipina

Seperti yang kita ketahui Filipina kini dalam proses menerbitkan drama remake ‘Descendants Of The Sun’. Dan suami kepada aktres Marian Rivera yang juga aktor Dingdong Dantes dipilih menjadi ‘Big Boss’ lakonan Song Joong Ki.

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Versi Filipina, Dingdong dinamakan Capt. Lucas Manalo atau panggilannya Big Boss. Selain dari Dingdong, watak ‘Wolf’ akan dimainkan oleh aktor Rocco Nacino sebagaiΒ Sgt. Diego Ramos.

Untuk membangkitkan kehangatan, pihak produksi sempat berkongsi beberapa gambar teaser Dingdong mengenakan uniform tentera, melakukan aktiviti menembak yang membuatkan peminat makin teruja. Kita sedia maklum, Dingdong sememangnya miliki fizikal sasa jadi pemilihan sebagai Big Boss dengan melakukan aktiviti lasak dan ekstrem memang sesuai sangat.

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Capt. Lucas Manalo aka Big Boss, reporting for duty. #DescendantsOfTheSun #DotsPh

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Difahamkan, untuk menghidupkan peranan sebagai tentera, kesemua aktor terlibat diberikan latihan khas dengan Tentera Filipina sendiri.

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A snappy salute to my co-actors for showing their never-say-die dedication to the craft by agreeing to immerse with our country’s Special Forces in preparation for our respective roles. . . We give much respect to our uniformed men for their love and dedication to protecting our people and securing the land. It is true that we enjoy these liberties in society because the Armed Forces are in the frontline, risking their lives for us to enjoy ours, free from threatβ€” may it be man made or natural. . . That is why it is our duty as actors to represent them properly and as accurately as possible on screen. And what better way to do it than by learning WITH them in their own school! . . We all have our roles to play in this society. Doing what is expected of us with integrity and purpose that is greater than ourselves makes us responsible citizens. For actors like us, our battle ground is the set and our mission is to portray a character in the best way we can, so that the whole production can tell a story in the most effective way possible. The messages may vary, according to values. They may be an outright approval of the status quo or a dissenting, discomforting one. But there is unity, beauty and growth in diversity, especially in a (developing) democracy like ours. . . Ang sabi nga ng isang Pilosopo, β€œ… a whole is more than the sum of its parts.” This means that a system just like the entertainment production becomes more effective and successful when all components – actors, stunt actors, directors, scriptwriters, among many others – are working at their best and in synergy. . . If our industry does well and asserts its responsibility to the Filipino people, then we know that we are humbly contributing in building a strong and progressive nation, and, at the same time, expressing our patriotism and love for our country. #DecendantsOfTheSun #DotsPH #FireTeamAlpha πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸŽ₯

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Terdahulu, Jennylyn Mercado akan menjadi Doctor Kang Mo Yeon, seorang pakar bedah dan permaisuri hati Big Boss.

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